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Why do you need a pro?

You have a great camera with a timer and a tripod or even an iPhone, so why do you need a professional to take your headshot?  I get it, getting in to a new business such as real estate is overwhelming, time consuming and expensive.  Every time you turn around you are purchasing or paying for something else like marketing materials and signage.  These items are essential for your business, so why spend the money to go to a professional photographer for your headshot when you can just snap one yourself?

A few good reasons for hiring a pro!

  • You want to attract your most desired clients!
  • You want your branding to portray you as a professional, not someone who is a Do It Yourselfer.
  • You are spending a lot of money on marketing materials and signs which every potential client will see.  You need them to represent your best professional image.
  • People recognize an iPhone or unprofessional photograph and it registers in their minds as cheap.  No one wants to work with cheap people.
  • A professional photographer will discuss what to wear for your session to help you portray yourself in the best possible way.
  • A professional photographer will photograph you in the best light and pose to bring out your best self.
  • A professional photographer will retouch your images to help you look your very best.
  • A professional photographer will help you select the best image according to your marketing message to represent your business.

It’s not as easy as you think!

I’m a photographer who can take a pretty good selfie.  I can even set up my studio and create an honest to goodness professional headshot, but without someone behind the camera, my expression lacks the sincerity and warmth that I like to portray.

Selfie headshot



This is a pretty image for my friends and social media, however I would not want to use this image as my headshot to  represent my business.  I’m not dressed appropriately, the background has distractions at the upper and lower corners and even though the lighting isn’t horrible, it isn’t flattering.



headshot of Sarah Morgan


Self Portrait

This is a good headshot of me that I took in my studio.  It looks like me, I am wearing appropriate clothing, the lighting is pretty flattering.  However, I am not posed well, my hair is messy and if you look at my eyes, you can see they lack a bit of interest.  This is because I am staring into a camera on my tripod.  There is no one chatting with me and making me feel comfortable.  No one making sure my hair is perfect and helping me pose for the shot.  There is no spontaneity, no sparkle.



Professional headshot of Sarah Morgan


Professional Headshot

This headshot was taken by a professional photographer.  This image is perfect for representing my business.  I am dressed appropriately, my pose is beautiful, the lighting is very flattering and most importantly, I am engaged with the viewer through the interest in my eyes.  Some people think because I’m a photographer all photos of me are good.  That is not the case!  I don’t like being in front of the camera and it took work on my photographers part to get this perfect image!  She posed me down to the last detail and talked with me throughout the session to get that smile and interest in my eyes.  These are the reasons why you need a professional photographer when you are being photographed!


Not everyone likes being photographed

Not many people enjoy being photographed, but when you are promoting yourself as a professional, you need to LOOK like a professional!  Don’t waste time starting out your business or revamping your business without a professional headshot.  It will cost you more in the end!

What will a professional headshot do for you?

Having a professional image tells your clients you are serious about being a professional, it puts you in your best light and makes a good first impression.  It relays that you take your business seriously and you don’t cut corners.  Oftentimes, your potential clients make decisions based on an ad, social media post or article which includes your photo.  You want that decision to be to work with you!  No one wants to do business with someone they think doesn’t take themselves or their business seriously.  If you want your potential clients to take you and your business seriously, you need to project that in every way possible, starting with a professional headshot!

Read Clair Boyles’ article Why Do You Need a Professional Headshot for a perspective from a business coach about her journey to get the perfect headshot.  Don’t waste your time and months of attracting the wrong clients to save a few dollars.  Professional headshot sessions range from $150 to $300 and it is worth every penny!

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Family Beach Portraits

The Novikoff  Family was visiting San Diego for a vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  They hired me to create a new family portrait for them.  Multi-generational portraits are so meaningful for families.  This family includes grandparents with their grown children and their children.  What a great gift for everyone in the family to have these images to cherish for generations.  Coronado Beach never disappoints for this type of portrait.

Multi-generational beach portrait Family Beach Portrait Beautiful Portrait of Grandparents

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One of my favorite parks is Old Poway Park and it is fast becoming my client’s favorite as well.  This park is perfect for families with little ones as we can get around the park within an hour and have a lot of fun while taking great images.  The Weiss family was celebrating their little girl’s birthday and mom is expecting baby girl number two, so it was the perfect time to create a new family portrait.  I love the love in this family!

Sweet family photography in San Diego Sweet family photography in San Diego Casual family photography in Old Poway Park
adorable little girl on train tracks in Old Poway Park

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I apologize for this sad blog post, but this family’s story really hits home the importance of family portraits.  The Carter family lived next to me for a while and didn’t get together very often.  They hadn’t had a family portrait taken in several decades.  Dale, the dad, had been diagnosed with lung cancer the year before and was fighting the disease.  When they learned that their daughter, grandson and future son-in-law were coming for a visit at Thanksgiving, they contacted me to do a family portrait for them.  We planned the portrait for the day before Thanksgiving.  Pat called a few days prior and said they were reconsidering doing the portrait because Dale wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have much energy.  I told her to play it by ear and hopefully, he would be feeling and we could definitely adjust our planned location.  We were lucky and Dale felt really well the day we had scheduled the session and was able to stand for a short period of time so I could create a few images for them.  I was able to deliver their order within a couple of weeks.  About 1 week later Dale, the husband, dad and grandfather, passed away from his lung cancer.  These images remind his family of the fun day they had.  How well Dale had felt that day, and how he and his grandson had raced to the park with Dale winning by a hair on his Rascal.  How happy he was to have his family together and joked throughout the entire session.  These images will bring back a host of happy memories and provide this family with a beautiful portrait of their beloved husband, dad and granddad that they can cherish for their lifetime.  Don’t procrastinate on capturing portraits of your family.  We never know how long we will have them and photographs of them are our only link to them once they  have moved on to their next big adventure.

On-Location Family Portraits Portraits of couples Engagement portraits of San Diego couples Individual portraits are done during family portrait sessions

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I love when my clients want to go to Balboa Park for their family portraits.  The park is not only gorgeous but it provides so many different areas for beautiful photography.  The Hogan family used these images for their holiday cards.  Did you schedule your family portrait for 2015?

Family Portrait in San Diego Family Portrait in Balboa Park It Cute individual photo taken during family session


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